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This is a safe space for discussion on topics regarding dating, parenting, life, and other out of this world experiences. For a little background on DQ, that’s me. DQ stands for… you guessed it, “Detours Queen,” because I felt that I was an expert on taking unnecessary detours for quite some time now.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA from Oakland City and the West End to Adamsville. I graduated from Atlanta Public Schools, and went on to go to college for my undergrad at The University of West Georgia. While in college, I did what teachers constantly told me to do, “Major in something you love.” Well, I loved poetry, writing, and informing people through my writing, so I decided to study Journalism. I specifically wanted to write for a major newspaper. I guess teachers forgot to mention that I would also need to make money and the communications field began to change and it was not likely to find a communications job back in 2012, when I graduated.

My major and minor were initially Journalism and Spanish but when I became pregnant during my junior year, the Spanish class I needed for summer to get ahead and graduate a year early, was not available. I’d have to wait until the following semester. I was in a rush to graduate for some reason–well the reason was to be available and start this family between my son’s father and I. Not to mention, my mom had already bragged to the world that I’d be graduating an entire year early, so I had to see it through. So, to stay on this course of a year early graduation, I changed my minor to Creative Writing. Creative writing was really specific and highly competitive writing courses that included novel writing, and poetry classes, with my favorite being, Intermediate Poetry.

Nonetheless, a writer is a writer, so I wrote. I finally completed my book, which I believe has a bigger purpose of helping young girls, avoid their own set of detours. And finally, podcasts became a thing, so I decided to do my research and follow my heart into blogging and podcasting.

Come sit back, listen, and enjoy the ride

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