Here’s to Season 3

So so so, many things to be grateful for. I find myself grateful for the chance to see what I’ve done and try to change those things and be better, each day. I’ve had so many realizations recently, such as, learning and being okay with letting people go. The plan is to stay out of the past. When I find myself thinking of the past, I actively stop myself, like, “No way. Stay out of the past!” All of those mishaps from the past literally would not be beneficial to think about in present day but I can take what I’ve learned and move on from that.

For this season, I would love to get more honest during my episodes. I understandably, forgot my way in this whole thing and normally I would say because of this or that but no one did anything to me. I also plan to record some videos for Youtube and other mediums. I haven’t said anything but yes, I bought a new laptop and I’m happy with the purchase. It would be better if the entire screen was touch screen but one area of the item is touchscreen, so that’s pretty cool. I’m thinking of what to do for this season’s intro. Once I get that done, I’m excited to begin recording.

Ya’ll not gone believe it but I downloaded the dating apps again, lol. I started off with OkCupid and I had the bright idea to change the zip code so I could see what the guys are like in other areas like, um, well, Canada, lol. I was chatting with guys in Canada and northern states of the USA, and it was not horrible. I did get bored with that and deleted that app. I was thinking that long-distance would be great because they would not have to touch me or if we did meet up, they could travel in and travel right back out, yep. Then, I went on to Plenty of Fish and BLK, but BLK ended up grabbing my attention a bit more, so I deleted Plenty of Fish.

Now, when it comes to dating though, I scare myself. I find myself not being interested in the men, at all. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m afraid of disappointment, wasting my time, or losing myself. I can definitely be a flirt but I realized that I’m more of a flirt during certain times, so I joking say, don’t mind what I say during ovulation, I could literally say anything but I promise I don’t want ya, lol. But again, those were past occurrences. At the same time, I see most of these guys seem to have personalities that fit into a few categories. It’s not my business but let’s talk about them from my perspective:

You have the stoner: With the stoner, comes marijuana use of course but I include any type of smoker or drug user. To be honest, those are deal breakers for me because of personal reasons. I was literally on a dating app recently (yes, I’m back on the apps) and a guy was basically saying that he was looking for someone to “have fun” with by doing heavy narcotics. And this was a regular looking guy. I was shocked to see that so, out in the open.

You have the player: It’s hilarious but I love how many guys seem to put on their page that they are “poly” or looking for friends with benefits…I appreciate the honesty. That way I know to swipe past that page. But I’m like poly doesn’t mean non-commitment, it’s commitment to several. I honestly don’t have the patience to entertain several people at one time, romantically. It also takes so much time for me to feel comfortable and believe that a person is ready for my real personality to make an entrance.

The self-proclaimed nerd: I haven’t seen a genuine nerd in quite some time. A lot of people seem to associate their nerdiness to anime and liking anime, from what I’ve seen. But I was thinking the other day, black people were never the intended audience for anime and because of that, people should really chill on it. My favorite one used to Shin-Chan because of the comedy aspect. I also used to watch another one as a kid but it began to get way too complicated. Some of the shows are interesting but many are very dark and things like that. They get a big side-eye from me.

The hood dude: I mean… what can I say about that. It’s self-explanatory. Being from the hood myself, nothing about a hood dude that does not take what he learned from said neighborhood and apply it in a business, or as a hard-working man, arouses me. I enjoy dudes who are hood but they’d also have to know religion, have common sense, people skills, empathy, compassion, manners, romanticism, and all of the great things that make up a well-rounded man.

The cutie who wants to be chased: There’s not much to say about this guy, other than they are usually like under the age of 30, noticeably attractive but sassy from interactions and cannot take rejection. For example, they may ask for your number and if you say like, maybe later, or anything other than yes, they’d get annoyed.

The older men: To me, there’s nothing scarier than an older guy who does not have his stuff together. And I’ve decided to save this outline for an episode because I’d usually avoid older men but I ran into a guy, who is a decade older than me. He’s afro-latino, dark-skinned, speaks Spanish (fun fact: Spanish was my minor in college and I’ve been wanting to become more fluent), I almost swiped left because there was something about his eyes that did not look happy. But he also has soft-curly hair, he’s a tall, burly-type dude(my favorite), and speaks and teaches Spanish. The first night we exchanged numbers, we texted and talked all night and well into the next day. I was even thinking about breaking another rule I have of avoiding a dude with more than a couple kids, lol. But then, the story gets a little tricky. So, that’s what this season’s first episode should touch on plus one more guy, lol.

And of course, if there is a topic you guys want to discuss, let me know and we can get it done.

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