I Deleted All of My Dating Profiles

And I did! BLK, Hinge, Tinder, Plenty of Fish,and Woo Plus all have been deleted off of my phone. And I’m pretty sure I deleted the profiles altogether. I was getting so annoyed by these guys and to be honest, I felt that it wasn’t fair to lead anyone on because I was feeling too apprehensive to actually go on a date with anyone. I already told you guys about California and I figure that if he and I are meant to revisit, rekindle, and reinvent what was once a friends with benefits situation, then we will.

I’ve mentioned that I really wait on giving my number out and some guys get really offended when I tell them that, even though I really do that for both parties because who got time to block all of these numbers. But there was one guy, we had a lot in common as far as both practicing celibacy, single for a long time so far, he works as some kind of general manager at KFC, and you guys should know my KFC working history by now, lol. This guy seemed like a safe option for the digits when the time came.

I gave him my number and I actually gave him the option of a Google Voice or my iPhone number. This fella had an iPhone so I gave him my iPhone number. We texted a little throughout the night and into the next morning. The next day, unprovoked, he texted me but I hadn’t gotten around to responding within a few hours. I guess he then decided to FaceTime me. Now, for someone you just met, if you text or call, and the person does not answer, the next option is not FaceTime. The next option is to wait and see if they respond and act accordingly. I can’t remember what time it was but I do remember that is was not FaceTiming hours. I declined the call and the thought made me log into Hinge and see that he’d also sent me a message on there, and the message was letting me know that he called me, which my call log also shows. Within the next five minutes, he FaceTimed me two more times and I in turn, yep, blocked him. I blocked him because I don’t like feeling pressured by any man—been there, done that. And at less than 24 hours of having my number, you are presenting anxious and controlling behaviors. All blockable offenses. I thought about unblocking him because I was interested but the vibe in all of that, was wrong. A few days later, after I’m sure he knew he was blocked, he messaged me again on Hinge, then I just deleted the profile. Who knows how many times he would have called me had I not gone ahead and put a stop to it.

I also briefly chatted it up with this guy who wasn’t really my type due to the way he dressed and very light skin tone but he was cute enough to get the digits, the Google Voice digits. We chatted for a few days before it just ended because I was uninterested in his continuous messages of “send me a pic,” and “wyd.” I don’t like that because I’m not the take several selfies a day that look exactly the same, type.

All in all, I decided that I’m simply not ready to date. I need more time but not too much. I’m a point where good change is occurring and I definitely do not need the distraction at this point. And then, if I open my heart up again, I have to have a sit down and let it be known to myself that loving someone else would not mean not loving the men I loved in my past and still.

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