It’s a Lil’ Update

Hey y’all hey…

This is an update because I want you all to know that I am in the ”studio” working on content. After my very cheap and very reliable Acer laptop went out, the Acer that got me through a master’s degree, kindergarten content, writing a book, starting a couple businesses and all of that went out— I tried my best to fix it. I ordered a new battery and all of that but it was done. So, I decided to invest in my businesses and future endeavors by getting what society says is the best laptop, a MacBook. I decided obviously to get the cheapest MacBook, the Air version because my last laptop was literally $300 so $1200 would surely get it. Well, after about a week of having the MacBook Air, it started glitching. I went online, found troubleshooting instructions did that and it worked fine for a few more weeks. Then it began to glitch again. I contacted Apple and they told me that that was not their problem since it couldn’t be returned after 14 days. I can take it to an Apple store to see what the issue is because the whole screen is now completely out. So, I don’t have a working laptop right now, which is annoying because well, $1200. And I never had to troubleshoot my $300 Acer that flipped into a tablet and was touchscreen after 7 years. With that being said, I will record and record and get these episodes up and running. Then, when I get a new laptop, I will try hard not to post them all in one day but I’m working on my impulsive decision making and patience.


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