Oops, I Did It Again

I say oops, but I definitely did it on purpose. I was scrolling through the dating apps, disappointed and disgusted at the options out there—mostly because of the hook-up culture. It’s no judgment from me but if I don’t have anything about looking for a hookup on my page and that’s what you want, clearly we should not spark a conversation. 

Certain things have been annoying me lately, so I delete them off of my phone. I recently deleted TikTok off of my phone, mostly because it’s annoying— and also because I can’t stand that it has literally turned some influencers “of color” into embellishers for a quick buck. 

It’s strange that you’ll see a black person giving a full dissertation on how to be successful on TikTok and I feel for us because we believe that we have to follow all of these steps to be an influencer. We’ve learned that if you don’t look a certain way, the road to over a million followers will be a long one. Then, you literally see people who look the opposite, gain millions of followers overnight. It of course is none of my business, but boy was I noticing. 

Back to the online dating, yeah, I don’t think husbae is there. I think that if I focus on what I need to do and move along about my business, husbae will find me. Why do I think that? Well, with the last situation, y’all don’t know how much I was minding my own business when they came along— I was enjoying loving on myself. 

One of the last straws as far as dating apps go, was a guy messaged me and he asked me if I was looking for a long-term relationship or like a friends with benefits situation… and I’m like, wtf does my profile say?

That particular guy surprisingly wasn’t my type from what I was seeing on his profile page but I kept going back and forth looking at him to see if I should continue to the conversation. He was light skinned, slim, with locs— but his locs were not well kept in his profile pic. Interestingly enough, I’ve never been the type to fawn over a dude with locs like I’ve seen some women do. I’ve seen so many, and it’s not my business, but so many like a man because he has locs but I’m more of a soft, curly hair, man-bun type of gal. But if you do have locs, I love when they look neat on a man or like out of his face.

So yes, I deleted my profiles on the two apps I recently downloaded again—BLK and Plenty of Fish— then I deleted them off of my phone, that’s more space, lol, and I’m not downloading them again because I would just scroll when bored, next thing I knew, I was tied of swiping left so many times. 

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